Security monitoring

6 Digital Threats to Monitor with Security Monitoring

Security monitoring can help your IT security team find threats lurking in plain sight among your legitimate network activity. In fact, you can even automate your security monitoring to alert you when it recognizes a threat without the need for direct threat hunting. However, do you know what to look for with your security monitoring? […]

Email hosting

5 Benefits of Managed Email Hosting Services for Small Businesses

As a business owner, projecting a positive image of your brand is crucial. Your clients or clients often decide to do business with you by superficial observations of your business. For example, when your work emails come from personal email accounts (for example,, or are continually flagged as spam, it doesn’t give the best […]

Security monitoring

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying an ICS/OT Security Monitoring Tool

Most factories and utilities use industrial control system (ICS) equipment that was never intended to be connected to the Internet and whose initial deployment may well date back to the 1970s or 1980s. More modern systems run — you guessed it — Windows XP. Insecure by design and intended for local access only, these control […]

Security monitoring

Threat Stack integrates application security monitoring tool

Threat Stack announced that it has added Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring, an application execution protection and risk detection tool, to the Threat Stack Cloud Security platform at no additional cost to users. This capability is based on runtime monitoring tools the company acquired when it acquired Bluefyre last year. At the same time, Threat […]