Security monitoring

Datadog Releases Security Monitoring Into General Availability

Datadog is releasing its Security Monitoring solution into general availability, according to both a blog post on the company’s website and a press release issued through Business Wire. The product, a part of Datadog’s monitoring platform, is designed to help users detect threats in real-time and investigate security alerts across infrastructure metrics, distributed traces, and […]

Security monitoring

Datadog Security Monitoring: Detect threats in real time, investigate security alerts

Datadog, the monitoring and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams, and business users in the cloud age, announced Security Monitoring, a new product that breaks down silos between security teams, development and operation. With this new product, Datadog extends its monitoring and analytics platform to security engineers in addition to developers and IT operations […]

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NITCO Offers Free Internet and Voice Services to Small Businesses for 90 Days During COVID-19 Crisis | Northwest Indiana Commercial Securities

NITCO, based in Hebron, offers free internet and voice services to small businesses for 90 days. Provided NITCO is offering small businesses free internet and voice services for 90 days during the coronavirus crisis gripping the country. The Hebron-based telecom provider, whose name is short for Northwest Indiana Telephone Co., will offer three months of […]

Security monitoring

Chorus SmartSecure offers free security monitoring to restaurants closed during the COVID-19 crisis

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama., April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Chorus SmartSecure today announced that it will provide security systems and free security monitoring for 10 restaurants closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The systems are available for free, contract-free installation and deferred monthly monitoring payments while the restaurant is closed. When the first 10 restaurants are served, […]

Security monitoring

Excerpt from my Gartner Blog – Developing and Maintaining Security Monitoring Use Cases

My favorite Gartner article has just been updated to its 3rd version! “How to Develop and Maintain Security Monitoring Use Cases” was originally published in 2016 as a guiding framework for organizations trying to identify what their security tools should look for and how to turn those ideas into signatures, rules and other content. This […]

Security monitoring

Top Security Monitoring Challenges for Remote Workers

So here we are, still living and working in the shadow of the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, some estimates indicate that social distancing may not end until August to avoid the worst damage from the virus. So, remote workers will remain the norm for some time. If this is true (and it certainly seems likely), […]

Security monitoring

Top 10 Use Cases for Remote Work Safety Monitoring

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) predicted that 50% of people would be able to work remotely by 2020 in the UK. It’s safe to assume that now that number has skyrocketed and very quickly enterprise security teams have had to adapt their networks. With a large portion of […]