5 Times Pokimane Caught The Internet’s Attention In 2022

Pokimane is one of the most popular personalities on the internet, with millions of fans across all of her social media accounts watching her streams, binging her YouTube videos, and interacting with her tweets and Instagram posts. Her influence online is certainly hard to match, with only a few other content creators having more popularity than her.

Although it’s just four months into 2022, Poki has already been the center of attention nearly a dozen times. From announcing a giveaway to being at the center of a hate campaign, there’s no denying she’s been on the minds of many online.

For this list, we’ll be looking at five moments since the start of 2022 when Pokimane was in the public eye, for good and bad reasons.

5 Times The Internet Was Hooked On Pokimane In 2022

5) JiDion Hate Raid Controversy

It was one of the first times of the year when the internet kept talking about Pokimane. This drama was quite big and got a lot of attention as it featured another popular internet personality, JiDion. It all started when JiDion told her fans to go to Poki’s chat and spam the “L+Ratio” message, which basically calls her a loser.

Following this intentional hate raid, JiDion received an indefinite ban for his actions, which sent his fans into a frenzy. They left even more hateful comments on her posts, spammed her feed with “L+Ratio” as much as they could, and attacked her fans on Twitter.

In an attempt to calm his fans down, JiDion issued an apology which was posted on YouTube, stating that his actions were wrong, urging his fans to stop defending him. After the drama finally died down, Poki and JiDion made a YouTube video together, further showing the two of them making amends.

4) Feud with Ninja

This controversy immediately followed the former roster entry, as it kicked off during the JiDion hate raid drama. It started when popular streamer Ninja said on-air that he would try to help JiDion appeal his ban, which Poki found distasteful.

After going to her feed to discuss the matter in detail, showing video evidence of Ninja saying he would help, Ninja’s wife and manager contacted Pokimane in an attempt to silence her. She said Ninja didn’t say anything close to what she claimed, adding that they wouldn’t apologize as they believe they didn’t do anything wrong.

Following this, Ninja’s manager sent messages threatening to sue Poki for defamation to try to get her to stop sharing the evidence she had against Ninja, which Poki boldly claimed that she was ready to take to court, if necessary. The lawsuit was never filed, and Ninja’s wife resigned as manager shortly after the lawsuit was threatened.

While this drama never came to a solid conclusion, as Ninja has yet to officially comment on the situation, it seems the two are happily avoiding each other as best they can.

3) Twitch Re-signing and Car Giveaway

At the end of January, Pokimane announced that she would be taking a break from streaming for just over a week since her 2-year Twitch contract had just expired, saying she would be returning for “the next chapter” on February 8.

after 2 crazy years, my Twitch contract ends today 🥲 I’ll see you February 8th for the next chapter ❤️ lots of love to you all

While many speculated that she might be hinting at switching to another platform for her streams, Poki announced that she would not only be returning to Twitch for the foreseeable future, but would also be offering a whole new Tesla Model 3 with a sum of money to cover vehicle taxes.

about this ad on the platform…instead of choosing between a red or purple car, I’M OFFERING ONE 😎and as always, 💜

It certainly attracted both his fans and random Twitter users who wanted a free car to enter the contest, with the event having over 100,000 entrants who entered to win. While not much has been said about the giveaway since the initial announcement, the winner may be announced in the near future, most likely in a video on Poki’s YouTube channel.

2) Address her photo without makeup

During the JiDion-Ninja controversy, many haters of Pokimane circulated a picture of the makeup-free streamer on the internet, attempting to put her down by sharing an unflattering photo. As she tried her best to ignore the harassment, Poki relented and posted a response on Twitter against her haters, saying face haters called it ugly to make more money than they didn’t. will ever see in their life.

this face makes more money than you will ever see in your life

This sparked a conversation among many Twitter users, where fans defended the post while haters tried to harass her further about it. The photo has since ceased to be used by the majority of haters, as the post showed that the image is not affecting Poki as they hoped.

1) The DMCA ban

This event was the catalyst for the majority of the other entries on this list, as it was what initially sparked the feud between Jidion and Pokimane, which would lead to Ninja’s involvement and subsequent bouts of harassment that she suffered.

The ban came on him at the height of the “meta backlash” on Twitch, where some of the biggest streamers like xQc, HasanAbi, Forsen, Disguised Toast and dozens of others streamed popular TV shows with their audience. However, when Pokimane tried her hand at fashion by watching the much-loved anime show Avatar: The Last Airbender, she was temporarily banned from streaming copyrighted content.

48 hour suspension confirmed! See you Monday morning for a 12 hour return stream 😎

It was one of the first bans to be placed on streamers who participated in the meta, which made it even more viral. The news quickly spread on Twitter, with many making jokes about the situation, criticizing her for her reckless behavior or taking the opportunity to bring up past controversies.

It was in his comeback stream after being banned that JiDion began his hate raid, which led to increased online harassment after his ban and eventually Ninja’s involvement. This moment was what started the first controversy-filled months of the new year, making it undeniably the biggest controversy Pokimane has had in 2022.

It looks like Pokimane couldn’t escape controversy this year, and there are still 8 months to go, which is plenty of time to take all the extra attention she’s received so far and use it to become an even bigger streamer.

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