A vegetarian dog picks fruits, vegetables on the farm and the Internet with admiration

Dogs have rightly been called man’s best friend. For centuries, dogs have offered companionship and loyalty to their human friends. The human-dog bond dates back at least 15,000 years. The dogs are adorable in their behavior. If you’re having a bad day and while scrolling through your social media feed, you come across a video of a cute dog indulging in his adorable antics, this cheers you up. These videos often go viral and bring smiles to millions of disappointed faces.

If you’re not in your usual good mood today, try watching a video of a dog who is a pure vegetarian and only eats fruits and vegetables. This dog does not prefer to eat cut fruits and vegetables. He picks them from their plants on the farm itself.

From watermelon to peanuts, this dog eats everything vegetarian. He also likes cabbage and potatoes.

The video of the dog was shared on Facebook on a page called Animal World. The video has already been viewed a million times. The cute dog made netizens “awwww” and some users shared the experience with their dogs in the comment box. One user said it was Baba Ramdev’s dog.

“Our dogs are smaller; they steal my strawberries from my plants in the summer and the little cherry tomatoes and raspberries they can find in the garden,” someone shared about their dog in the comments section.

“What a beautiful dog, knows what he likes,” read one of the comments.

“YOU eat healthy food, you will have a long life Doggo, I love you and love your lifestyle, keep up the good work and God bless you,” another person said.

Recently, a video of a dog walking on two legs like a human also went viral. After losing both of its front legs in a tragic accident, the dog now walks comfortably on its hind legs.

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