Anand Mahindra reveals he was a backbench MP, but the internet ‘knew’ it from the start

Business mogul Anand Mahindra recalled his good old days at school by sharing a photo of himself visiting a school to mark National Youth Day on Wednesday. The chairman of the Mahindra group, known to be very active on social media, has brought back his 8.6 million Twitter followers in the past by posting an old photo of him sitting in the classroom. Visiting the microblogging site on National Youth Day, which is celebrated to commemorate Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, Mahindra shared a photo while visiting a school run by an NGO. . “Today, on National Youth Day, I believe we are celebrating not only the young of age, but also the young at heart. I believe it is vital to preserve a fresh and youthful outlook on the world around us. Because my batteries are recharged the most when I visit classrooms with our Nanhi Kalis, ”the 66-year-old tweeted.

While the comeback photo and its motivational post were appreciated by many, it was the photo that got users talking on the microblogging site. The image Mahindra posted shows him sitting on the last bench with a classroom full of young students.

Seeing the industrialist beaming with joy with the kids, Twitter users begin to call him a “backbench.” The classroom and the Universe.

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His comment caused a lot of laughter online, and the interaction led to a memes party on the microblogging site.

“Sixer with an answer. Expect nothing less from the brilliant mind of this fabulous gentleman, ”wrote one user.

“On a lighter note, backbenchers always do things big,” another joked.

A third shared a photo of students standing outside a classroom, with the first and last counselors emblazoned on it. “What a pleasure that the last benches appreciate”, captioned the photo.

“The last advisor is always smiling,” wrote a fourth.

The interaction also encouraged more people to ask questions and the Mahindra boss gladly engaged. A user asked him what his favorite subjects in school and college were, Mahindra responded by stating that was history.

Another user asked him about his “disadvantaged” subject in school or college. Mahindra with her characteristic wisdom replied, “If you are eager to learn, no subject is uninteresting. I wouldn’t enjoy a subject only if the teacher was uninteresting or half-hearted. “

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