Arceus Legends Leaked! Internet roaming spoilers

The title of this piece says it all. Pokemon Legends Arceus has leaked. Somehow, players managed to get their hands on physical copies of the game. Abusing a “fault” in shipping, Spanish physical versions of the game made their way through Ebay. Initially, many thought the game was a bootleg release created for internet influence. But screenshots and online gameplay confirm that the game is, in fact, legit. Many leakers have posted messages on forums such as Twitter and Reddit. It’s only a matter of time before Pokemon Legends Arceus leaks hit platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

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For more on the situation, check out the Twitter link and profile below. Click at your own discretion. Otherwise, for those trying to avoid spoilers, it might be best to stay away from social media until the game is officially released.

For the cover of The Game Haus, regarding both Nintendo and gamers wishing to experience the game for themselves, no spoilers before when the game is released will be published. But once the game is released, come back for in-depth game coverage. From guides, gym breakdowns, and even specific pokemon locations, The Game Haus plans to tackle Pokemon Legends Arceus to provide the knowledge and advice that players are looking for.

In conclusion

A similar case happened with Pokemon BDSP, where the game leaked early. It’s such a sad reality of great games like this, where being early to the party inevitably brings immense weight to the internet. Pokemon Legends Arceus Leaked as well, and similar to Pokemon BDSP, it’s only a matter of time before these weight-hungry “content creators” start spoiling the game for everyone. So to any other players trying to avoid Pokemon Legends Arceus spoilers like the pandemic, good luck!

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