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CAA advises tightening airport security and monitoring entry of Afghan refugees

Image showing an airplane taking off with the sun setting in the sky in the background. Photo: File.
  • Notice of an attempt to curb the entry of illegal Afghan refugees into the country.
  • No Afghan or foreigner will be assigned employment at airports without permission, the notice said.
  • Airport Security Forces (ASF) and the CAA are to re-check personnel ID cards and vehicles upon entering the airport, in accordance with the notice.

LAHORE: The Civil Aviation Authority has issued a new advisory for airport security to avert threats and monitor Afghan refugees trying to enter the country illegally, Geo News reported Wednesday.

According to the notice, the identity cards of all contractors and staff will be checked before allowing them access to airports. All passengers and cargo vehicles will also be searched upon entering airports.

“No Afghan or foreigner shall be given employment at airports without permission,” the notice said, adding that airport staff will also be prohibited from using mobile phones on the runway or on the apron. airport traffic,” the notice read.

The Airport Security Force (ASF) and CAA are to re-check personnel ID cards and vehicles upon entering the airport for increased vigilance, according to the notice.

The Taliban recently took control of the Afghan side of the Chaman-Spin Boldak border crossing which facilitates trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

As a precautionary measure, Pakistan has also suspended all commercial activities at the Chaman crossing point.