Disney+ Battle | The Black Cauldron vs. Ralph Breaks the Internet

We’re back with another Disney+ battle. This week, we’ll compare the first Disney animated film to receive a PG rating and a sequel to a Disney Revival hit. So, let’s compare and contrast and see which movie is better between ‘The Black Cauldron’ and ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’.


The main character of “The Black Cauldron” is Taran, a young boy living on a farm who wants to be a hero. He goes on a mission to save a magic pig, finds a magic sword, eventually finds the black cauldron, and then fights the horned king who is a vicious ruler over the whole land. He leads the way through history. The main character of “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is Ralph. He’s a video game villain who has learned to accept himself as he is and now jumps from website to website on the internet in hopes of finding a part that will help keep his video game arcade alive. . He has to learn the same lessons, this time about his best friend who feels more comfortable on the internet than in her own game. The two make you worry about their journey, but Ralph stands out more. Point to “Ralph Breaks the Internet”.

The Black Cauldron 0 | Ralph breaks the internet 1


The villain of “The Black Cauldron” is the Horned King. He is an evil ruler who seeks the Black Cauldron so he can unleash an army of undead. He is really mean. The villain of “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is Arthur, a dark web virus that Ralph releases and takes over the Internet. Arthur does more damage overall, but just does what a virus does. The Horned King is diabolical, the virus follows nature. Point to “The Black Cauldron”

The Black Cauldron 1 | Ralph breaks the internet 1


“The Black Cauldron” features memorable secondary characters. The most memorable of these is Gurgi, a dog-like creature, who sacrifices himself in the Black Cauldron to save his friends. The Witches, Princess Eilonwy and Fflewddur Fflam are also very memorable. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” also features some memorable characters; including new characters like Shank, Yess and Knows More and returning favorites like Vanellope, Fix-It Felix and Sgt. Calhoun. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” may have the edge here because it’s a sequel, but I think its secondary characters are more memorable. Point to “Ralph Breaks the Internet”.

The Black Cauldron 1 | Ralph breaks the internet 2


None of these films have outstanding music. The score for “The Black Cauldron” does its best to express how dark the film tries to be, but there are no songs at all. I don’t just mean there are no hit songs, there are no songs, just a score. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” doesn’t have anything that really stands out, but it does feature new music from Alan Menken and Imagine Dragons. Point to “Ralph Breaks the Internet”.

The Black Cauldron 1 | Ralph breaks the internet 3


The memorable parts of “The Black Cauldron,” to me, are the pig, the escape with the sword, Gurgi sacrificing himself, and the horned king being sucked into the Black Cauldron. The memorable parts of “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, for me, are Ralph accidentally destroying the game and Vanellope’s performance in Slaughter Race. I think “The Black Cauldron” is actually more memorable.

The Black Cauldron 2 | Ralph breaks the internet 3

Thus, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” wins this battle. After seeing both, I agree it’s better, but “The Black Cauldron” is more memorable. But I’ll throw it to you. Which of these films do you prefer?

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a huge Disney fan since he was a kid during the Disney Renaissance. One day, he hopes to visit every Disney park in the world.