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Disney Security Monitoring Hazmat Incident near Glendale, California

Disney Global Security is actively monitoring the hazardous materials incident that occurred in Atwater Village, just outside Glendale, where many Disney offices are located.

Disney said in a message to staff, “We are concerned for the safety of our employees and their families who live nearby.”

The incident happened at an industrial facility near the intersection of San Fernando Road and Colorado Street just before 8:40 a.m. Thursday morning. The incident was first reported as an “automatic fire alarm” and later escalated to a hazmat response. There was no fire or explosion.

Officials said a small valve broke on a metal container while it was being prepared, causing gas to be expelled and a cloud to be created. The building was evacuated as a precaution and no injuries were reported. Hazmat firefighters determined there was no current threat, but members of the public in the immediate area – who could smell the leak – were encouraged to shelter in place, closing the doors and windows. Residents who chose to evacuate were told to go south of Electronics Place.

The exact substance that was released was not disclosed. The reason for the valve rupture is under investigation.

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Source: ABC 7 and Fox 11