Fan-favorite death breaks the internet’s heart

Last night’s episode of You better call Saul showed showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould wasting no time injecting the final season with a heavy dose of tragedy.

— Warning: Spoilers for You better call Saul ahead. —

Episode three “Rock and Hard Place” deals with the fallout of fan favorite Ignacio “Nacho” Varga’s decision to betray the ruthless Salamanca drug cartel.

While the previous two episodes of Season 6 saw Nacho fight for his life – narrowly escaping torture and certain death at the hands of the Salamanca twins – Episode Three sees him decide on one last plan. action to end things on his terms while keeping his father safe.

The episode’s complex setup followed Nacho as he surrendered himself to the custody of rival drug tycoon Gus Fring, so that the leader of Los Pollos Hermanos could hide his own involvement in his betrayal of the Salamancas, in exchange of protecting Nacho’s father from retaliatory attacks. . Either way, Nacho carries out this plot knowing that it will undoubtedly lead to his demise.

In a heartbreak, Nacho’s father – a man weary from his son’s involvement in organized crime – unknowingly has one last conversation with Ignacio before his death.

Fans point out how brilliantly the series has developed a character whose sole raison d’etre comes from a disposable line spoken by Bob Odenkirk in breaking Bad.

Critics also draw comparisons to Jesse Pinkman, who, much like Nacho, was a deeply flawed character that you couldn’t help but root for as he tried to find some semblance of meaning in his actions.

Actor Michael Mando told the Hollywood journalist his character’s triumphant exit from the show was rooted in the show’s classic tragedy.

“In character iconography, it’s the most truthful thing to do. It’s incredibly tragic. It’s Shakespearean, but that’s what makes the character iconic,” he said. He lived and died for true love. It gives me chills just to think about it.”

We will miss you Nacho, thank you for everything.