Internet gets emotional after military dog ​​was cremated with three gunshots in Mumbai

From check-ins at the airport, narcotics, shipyards or train stations, dogs have an immense contribution in assisting the police and the armed forces in the performance of their duties. From guarding a household to protecting the country, these dogs are the most courageous beings. One of them was Simba, a brave dog from the bomb detection and disposal team. Simba put his life in danger every time he had to detect a bomb planted by criminals or terrorists.

Unfortunately, the brave labrador passed away recently. Simba received a well-deserved state funeral for his exemplary and incomparable service to the nation. Simba was cremated with a three-gun salute at Parel Veterinary Hospital in Mumbai. A Twitter user, who goes by the name Abhishek Joshi, shared this story on the microblogging site. Thanking the brave dog for his service, the user revealed, “Simba the bomb detection dog was given a state funeral and he was cremated with a three-gun salute at the Veterinary Hospital in Parel, Mumbai.”

A video was also shared by another Twitter user, of the same event where police officers were seen paying their last respects to the brave dog.

People on the microblogging site shared their reactions and wished Simba rest in peace. Some users even felt that dogs are the most wonderful beings.

“We don’t deserve dogs,” wrote one user, while another wondered how the dog died.

Dogs have proven how much more efficient and better they are at dealing with dangerous situations. In September last year, the Indian Army paid tribute to a brave 9-year-old dog named Dutch.

Dutch was a decorated Eastern Command dog and was instrumental in identifying IEDs during various CI/CT operations.

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