Internet split on hacking to open a car if you’ve locked the keys inside

The internet is raving about a hack to open your car door if you accidentally left the keys inside, without resorting to breaking a window or calling a locksmith.

It’s one of the most frustrating feelings when you lock yourself in, whether it’s your house or your car, with most options being expensive or time-consuming.

But a viral video circulating online claims to show a quick way to get back into a vehicle, as long as you have tape handy.

TikToker Kardychullo shared a clip on their account of the same name, where it has been viewed over eight million times since it was posted on Saturday, and can be seen here.

“We learned this from TikTok. How did we open the car in which we forgot the key in the United States?” she captioned the clip.

Kardychullo, whose account says she is based in Chicago, films a set of keys on the car seat through the window, as a man tears off strips of duct tape and attaches them to the window in the direction of the length.

He covers most of the window, before adding some strips, then grabs the strips under the row of tape and pulls down. The window then slides down, allowing them access to the keys.

The method has divided people online, who claimed it only worked on older cars, those with manual windows, while others claimed it now serves as a model for thieves.

Chicago police statistics revealed there have been a total of 3,076 motor vehicle thefts so far in 2022, up from 2,144 at the same time last year, a 43% increase .

Commenting on the video, Josh Barrow965 joked: “It works because you’re driving a slammed Nissan.”

BbyBlue raves, “I’m banging the air right now! Where was it before I broke my window years ago!!!”

Sheils thought, “LOL, I thought you were going to hit the window and the tape was there to make sure the shards didn’t go everywhere.”

Karina Alvear admitted: “Lol I threw a rock at my window after hours of trying.”

Xogirl559 joked, “Oh yeah, let me make sure I wear duct tape everywhere I go.”

Lucas asked, “But what do you do when your packing tape is locked in the car?”

As Youngboitj asked, “So you’re telling me I could have done that.”

And Erick claimed, “It’s a manual window, that’s why. It won’t work in electronics.”

In response to the many comments the video received, Kardychullo shared a follow-up clip on Tuesday, showing them testing the method on an electric window.

She filmed a red car, and opened the door to show viewers the electrical mechanism, before managing to open the window using the duct tape trick.

“Manual more than difficult. But WE DID IT!!!!!” she captioned the video.

Kardychullo shared another video, as she filmed her own car apparently explaining how she came to be hacked.

She filmed her car, which had a separate manual locking system for each door, and manual windows, as she spoke to viewers about accidentally locking herself out one day.

Weighing in on the practicality of the hack, and whether it would damage a car, Stuart Masson of The Car Expert said Newsweek“By using lots of tape all over the window, it allows the individual to put in a lot of force to pull the window down, but distributes the pressure across the whole window to minimize the risk of breaking the glass.

“As a car ages, manual window winding mechanisms or electric motors tend to weaken from thousands of up and down cycles over the years. If the tape is strong enough sticky, it would allow the individual to control the window mechanism, so it probably wouldn’t affect a new car as much as an older car.

“And it would probably work best on a car with manual windows, like the one in the video, but I imagine it would also work on a car with power windows – just roll the window down a few inches and you can reach with a hanger or something to unlock the door.

“Does it cause lasting damage? Most likely. It would almost certainly make the mechanism even weaker than it was to begin with.”

Newsweek contacted Kardychullo for comment.

Folder photos of man and car key. A hack revealing how to open your car if you’ve locked yourself in divides opinion.
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