Kacha Badam Fame Bhuban Badyakar’s New Song Rules The Internet Again

It is hard to ignore the popularity that the viral Bengali song Kacha Badam has spawned over the past few months. As countless social media users in India, including celebrities, have jumped on the Kacha Badam bandwagon, the catchy tune has also traveled overseas. Bhuban Badyakar, the author of the song and a peanut seller from West Bengal, relishes the excitement around his song. Now the singer he recently saw sing a new song called “Amar Notun Gari” (My New Car).

He had recently been involved in a horrific accident in which he was seriously injured. He was taken to a facility in Birbhum district, West Bengal. Badyakar was learning to drive his new vehicle when he lost control and crashed into a wall. He suffered facial injuries. Now that Badyakar has recovered from his injuries, his new song has gone viral.

The new song recounts an accident he was involved in and how God protected him from more serious injury.

Badyakar was also seen performing recently at a bar on Park Street in Kolkata. Badyakar looked different from usual with a sequined coat and a new rock avatar.

Bhuvan Badyakar, a native of Kuraljuri village in Birbhum district, West Bengal, became an overnight celebrity after a YouTube channel saw a video of him delivering the song “Kacha Badam (Raw Peanuts)” while selling peanuts, which synthesizes Baul rhythms. Within two months, the video received over 21 million views.

Badyakar can be seen in the unreleased clip selling peanuts in exchange for small trinkets and broken household items. The video went viral and was covered by singer and musician Nazmu Reachat, who created a fun remix of the song. Soon after, many celebrities were seen doing a reel to this song.

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