Voice services

Lumen leverages Alianza’s cloud platform to bolster its voice services portfolio

Alianza and Lumen Technologies announced that Lumen will use Alianza’s cloud communications platform to bolster its voice services portfolio and provide customers with robust business communications functionality, anywhere.

Designed for service providers, Alianza’s Cloud Communications Platform is a leading, cloud-native, carrier-grade platform that meets the critical needs of Lumen’s key voice products and customer segments.

Lumen has launched Lumen Cloud Communications on the Alianza platform and will position it as a primary option for customers ready to migrate to a cloud communications solution. Together, Lumen and Alianza will be able to provide a robust migration path for legacy voice customers.

Alianza’s proprietary cloud communications platform will provide Lumen’s business customers with feature-rich voice, team messaging, video conferencing, mobile apps and leased lines – a POTS replacement solution for lines supporting supports elevator telephones, alarms, security systems and remote access modems. It will also help accelerate Lumen’s journey to an advanced digital experience where customers can order, deploy, manage and use their services online with an easy-to-use administration portal.

Lumen will help customers accelerate their migration plans to a high-quality, secure, next-generation voice and collaboration solution that includes but is not limited to:

Centralized management. The Lumen Cloud Communications offering is managed with Alianza’s intuitive and easy-to-use portal which provides Lumen with simplified customer management and powerful analytics. Automated provisioning. The Alianza platform allows for remote deployment with limited involvement of Lumen support staff. Online ordering and customer management. Lumen customers will be able to add an extension or direct number to their account in minutes, and users can configure a variety of settings to easily customize their calling experience through the Voice Portal. Easy porting of numbers. API integrations give Lumen more control over number porting and activation for customers, improving the onboarding experience. In addition, Lumen benefits from network and operations simplification, service automation, and increased ability to quickly and easily deliver advanced communications services to customers.

Scott Velting, Vice President of Product Management at Lumen
Together, we are uniquely positioned to help Lumen customers successfully transition from legacy voice services to the cloud. This helps us achieve our strategic revenue growth goals and differentiates us from overkill competitors. Alianza’s commitment to supporting our Lumen brand portfolio with a feature-rich platform, high-quality mobile apps, end-user self-service tools, and a digital-first approach aligns perfectly with our strategy.

Brian Beutler, CEO and Founder of Alianza
Lumen’s partnership with Alianza is further proof of our leadership in cloud communications for service providers, validation of the comprehensive telecom-grade platform we’ve built, and testament to our culture of innovation and our focus on customer experience.