Nest of bats or hornets? ‘Horrifying’ object hanging from a tree confuses the internet

We are all unaware of nature and the strange phenomenon that it harbors and anything that seems different from normal irritates us. We are often afraid of the unknown. Likewise, people have been terrified after witnessing a strange sighting that looks like “some kind of nest” or even a type of bat. Residents of Stourbridge in England’s West Midlands are advising a woman to be ‘safe’ after the resident discovered the strange object or creature on her own lawn and sought help online.

Emily JC took a picture of the object and posted it on social media to see if anyone could identify him. According to Emily, the length of the object is around 25cm, according to a report from Birmingham Live. “It could be some kind of plant pod,” she speculated, although she was unable to fully study the object.

Emily added that she maintained her distance from the object, whatever it was. She asked social media users for suggestions on what it could be.

People were left baffled by the object seen hanging from a tree in Emily’s garden. However, many have offered their own take on what the item might be, though no one is sure yet.

Some guesses included Gleditsia Sinensis, popularly known as the Chinese locust, a flowering plant that some believe could be the element.

“Looks like a bat,” wrote another. “We guess it’s a spade in a bag,” one person said. “You can see his face halfway inside the bag and his hind legs are pushing down into the bag,” one comment read.

This person speculated that it was a hornet’s nest. Another said it could be a locust plant. One woman wrote: “Oh my god this is awful. Guys, please stay safe.

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