Security monitoring

NETSCOUT Expands Security Monitoring Capabilities, Launches Omnis Cyber ​​Intelligence

Cybersecurity provider NETSCOUT has announced the availability of Omnis Cyber ​​Intelligence, a scalable network security software solution.

The solution detects and investigates suspicious activity in real time and retrospectively identifies threats early in the attack lifecycle to prevent the spread of infections, stop future attacks, and identify compromised assets.

With cyberattacks on the rise and breaches making headlines, IT security teams are finding that their existing tools are no match for this growing threat, and their expenses and cyber risk are spiraling out of control. This is because the typical datasets powering these tools are reactive, non-granular, and do not extend to early indications of a potential attack.

NETSCOUT’s approach to reversing the situation is to leverage its industry-leading visibility technology to increase the scope and depth of security information and make it accessible to security teams in real time. The solution consists of a stack of cybersecurity software sensors and analytics called Omnis CyberStreams.

Sanjay Munshi, vice president, product management at NETSCOUT, says companies have invested heavily in cybersecurity solutions, but they are largely ineffective because they lack the actionable visibility needed to detect attacks before they happen. have a broad impact.

“As attack surfaces expand, the Omnis Cyber ​​Intelligence solution extends across infrastructure, integrates into existing ecosystems, and is part of the growing movement towards XDR, using meaningful metadata, or intelligent data, and powerful cyber analytics to quickly get to the root cause of the cybersecurity problem and mitigate risk,” he says.

NETSCOUT’s Omnis Cyber ​​Intelligence provides security teams with proactive and actionable insights that help them:

  • Perform continuous scanning and analysis for reconnaissance to detect attacks earlier, minimizing exposure and, in many cases, thwarting the threat
  • Quickly access high-resolution historical evidence stretching far back in time to understand how an attack began to prevent similar breaches and stop ongoing malicious activity
  • Monitor exposed attack surfaces within their infrastructure to optimize the effectiveness of deployed defenses
  • Assess the extent of penetration and assets affected when attacks occur to prevent the spread of malware
  • Deploy on-premises, in virtualized data centers, and in the public cloud, supporting the evolution of an organization’s deployment preferences without affecting security governance and workflows
  • Integrate with their security ecosystem through APIs and partnerships with vendors such as Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, and AWS

As a result, the effectiveness of customers’ existing security tools and the productivity of analysts improve, and they can get ahead of the vicious cycle of rising costs and rising cyber risks.

“NETSCOUT’s unique ASI technology allows enterprises to truly unlock the actionable intelligence embedded in network transactions and packets,” said Christopher Kissel, research director, security and trust products, IDC.

“Where others have failed, NETSCOUT has made working with packet data fast and affordable with its patented metadata extraction, intelligent reduction, and indexing. Omnis Cyber ​​Intelligence provides security analysts with the insights they need to quickly and accurately assess the scope and scale of an incident and reduce the associated risk and negative impact.”