Security monitoring

NetWitness IoT provides security monitoring for disparate IoT and OT devices

NetWitness, an RSA company, introduced NetWitness IoT, a native SaaS solution that provides visibility into an organization’s critical infrastructure, including their Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems.

NetWitness IoT provides enterprises with security monitoring of disparate IoT and OT devices at scale, monitoring gateways, servers and connected devices for behavioral anomalies, coupled with advanced threat intelligence, to produce targeted and actionable alerts.

The IoT is driving an explosion of connected devices on enterprise networks, dramatically expanding the surface that organizations must defend and creating significant pressure on operational security. The wide variety of devices and solutions means organizations are challenged to maintain security in a unified and strategic way.

OT systems, with their proprietary protocols, introduce an additional challenge, as organizations must adapt their strategies to accommodate industrial operations and their associated assets. NetWitness IoT addresses the challenge of monitoring and securing these disparate devices with a flexible and scalable solution to maintain security at the edge of an enterprise IT infrastructure.

“As modern enterprises deploy exponentially more technologies outside of the data center, threat actors have seized the opportunity to target cloud and edge technology infrastructures. Additionally, traditional OT networks are now converging with computer networks, which also makes them vulnerable to cyber threats,” said Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Technology and Product Officer of NetWitness.

“In this world without perimeters – with more and more machine actors on the network – organizations must apply a zero-trust mindset to all network actors. NetWitness IoT provides enterprises with the robust monitoring of IoT and OT networks needed to detect malicious or compromised devices, which could serve as a launching pad for highly disruptive cyber incidents and breaches.

To support these IT security operations and use cases, NetWitness IoT can operate as a standalone offering with its own web interface for operations personnel, or as an integrated offering, providing IoT visibility at the center of operations. security operations (SOC). The NetWitness Platform is an advanced SIEM and XDR solution that enables security teams to detect, understand the extent of a compromise, and automatically respond to security threats in modern IT infrastructures.

The NetWitness platform provides enhanced visibility, integrating logs, network data and endpoints – and now IoT. It applies threat intelligence and user behavior analysis to detect, prioritize, investigate threats and automate response, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations.


NetWitness IoT is now available worldwide.