Only 1.27% of government schools in Meghalaya have internet, 20 states have less than 10% of schools online: government data

Minister shares list of states with most private internet schools (representative image)

Only 2.94% of public schools in Uttar Pradesh have internet connections which is worse than J&K where 5.18% of public schools have internet connections.

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  • Last update:March 15, 2022, 1:53 PM HST

About 20 states and union territories have internet connection in less than 10% of their public schools, Lok Sabha reported on Monday. The information was shared by Union Minister of State for Education Annpurna Devi in ​​response to a written question to Lok Sabha. The minister cited data from the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE), 2019-2020, in her response.

State and UT with lowest internet connectivity

  • Public schools in Meghalaya have around 1.27% internet connection, the lowest of any state.
  • Tripura ranks second in terms of internet connectivity with 1.61% internet connection in their public schools.
  • Ladakh has around 1.86% internet connectivity in its public schools.
  • At the heart of Hindi, Bihar has the lowest Internet connectivity in public schools at 2.05%.
  • For public schools in Manipur, internet is also not very accessible as only 2.36 of its schools have internet connection.
  • In Odisha, only about 2.72% of public schools have an internet connection.
  • In Uttar Pradesh, only 2.94% of public schools have an internet connection.

Other states that have low internet connectivity (less than 10% in their public schools) are Mizoram at 2.35%, Manipur at 2.36%, Nagaland at 3.03%, Chhattisgarh at 3.35 %, Madhya Pradesh 3.81%, Arunachal Pradesh 3.44%, Assam 4.32%, Jammu and Kashmir 5.18%, Uttarakhand 6.40%, Karnataka 7, 75%, Telangana 8.03%, Goa 8.46%, West Bengal 9.65% and Andhra Pradesh 9.10 percent.

State with the highest internet connection in the country

  • Chandigarh tops the list with 100% internet connections in all of its public schools.
  • Next is Lakshadweep, which has 93.33% internet connectivity in its public schools.
  • Delhi ranks third with internet connectivity in schools at 88.18%.
  • The fourth highest internet connectivity in public schools is found in Kerala with 87.16%.

“To improve internet connectivity in rural areas, MEITY’s CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd (CSC-SPV) has been commissioned to provide Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connectivity to government institutions including schools. “, said Devi.

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