Security monitoring

SaaS Alerts Launches User Behavior Security Monitoring with IT Glue

This one-of-a-kind integration is designed to improve security for managed service providers.

SaaS Alerts just launched the ability for managed service providers to monitor the behavior of users associated with their instances of computer glue.

So what does this mean exactly?

Jim Lippie of SaaS Alerts

“If you think about what lives in IT Glue from a data perspective, it’s every network card for every customer,” said Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts. “It’s every asset configuration for every device the customer has. This is each runbook that the MSP uses for this client. It’s every password they have from this client. So think about the value of the data that resides in IT Glue. You inevitably start to ask yourself, ‘OK, how do I monitor? What’s going on in there? So it’s important to understand, based on the value of IT Glue – and there are 10,000 MSPs using it to streamline their operations and make their business more profitable – what’s going on with all that data in users that surround it.

Lippie gives the example of using a credit card. How often do you check your credit card statement? Sometimes? Everyday? Never? Even if you’re a diligent manager of your money, chances are you’re not checking your statement every 90 seconds to make sure there’s no fraudulent activity. According to Lippie, this is exactly the purpose of SaaS alerts with IT Glue.

Saving data

“There are 10,000 MSPs using this platform,” says Lippie. “Because of the amount of data it contains…it’s what keeps MSPs up at night. Our goal is therefore to be the most user-friendly software publisher in the ecosystem. And we believe that by providing this level of oversight, insight and visibility to this really important application, we are getting closer to that. goal.”

IT documentation platforms have become a vital tool for vendors to run a more efficient business. Think about every asset configuration, network card, runbook, and client password stored in a single application. It has become essential to monitor user activity inside these popular tools. SaaS Alerts integration with IT Glue automatically alerts MSP executives when unusual behavior occurs. This better protects IT Glue and gives MSP owners and their customers greater peace of mind.

“IT Glue monitoring is our first step in monitoring popular MSP tools. [This] continues the SaaS Alerts mission to be the world’s most user-friendly software company for MSPs,” says Lippie. “We believe that MSPs can only come to the rescue of their customers if they have first properly secured their own operation. Today’s announcement gives every MSP using IT Glue the visibility they need to feel more confident about their own security posture.

SaaS Alerts monitors a range of the world’s most popular business productivity applications. These include Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox and Slack. This helps hundreds of MSPs better protect their customers and generate additional revenue from a cybersecurity solution. SaaS Alerts will continue to add third-party applications to its portfolio. It will also add popular RMM and PSA tools to help MSPs better secure their own environments.

The Importance of Third-Party Monitoring

Merchant Nadir of IT Glue

Merchant Nadir of IT Glue

“Security is one of our top priorities and we are excited about our integration with SaaS Alerts. [SaaS Alerts] adds significant third-party oversight of IT Glue and inherently makes using our platform more secure for the entire MSP community,” said Nadir Merchant, Managing Director of IT Glue.

SaaS Alerts decided to monitor third-party MSP tools after several managed service partners requested this capability. The requests were based on concerns about the lack of visibility into user behavior and the apps that help them run their business.

SaaS Alerts Recently assigned a large part of a $3 million funding round for MSP investments.