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Security monitoring improvements delayed by pandemic – MeriTalk

Travel restrictions around the world have limited the State Department’s progress on its action plan on priority agency goals to improve security surveillance solutions, the agency reported in an update. September update of its President’s Management Program (PMA) objectives.

“Progress in the third quarter was limited due to global travel restrictions, the global pandemic, and severe limitations on DOS’s robust supply chain,” according to the action plan. “Despite these challenges with COVID-19, the Department’s safety engineering staff continue to make progress by completing system designs, developing project schedules and timelines, and procuring the necessary equipment to the lifting of travel and shipping restrictions.”

Security oversight improvement projects will continue to be delayed, not completed on schedule, or postponed indefinitely until travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted and buildings reopen, the official said. ‘agency. Key delayed milestones include: Completing no less than 60 State Department facility surveys and updating 36 State Department facilities with improved technical security monitoring solutions. Both of these milestones had due dates for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020.

By September 30, 2021, the Department of State’s goal is to upgrade 20% of its facility security monitoring solutions. 92 establishments represent 20% of the total of 460 establishments in the State. Prior to fiscal 2020, 21 state facilities were upgraded, leaving 71 remaining facility upgrades to be completed within the time frame from the first quarter of FY20 to the fourth quarter of FY21, the report said. ‘agency.