Security monitoring

Set up a security surveillance system and protect your home

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We all place great importance on our privacy and security. Especially if we have families to protect. Chances are there’s probably no imminent danger around the corner, but if you want peace of mind, a security system for your home can help. But you don’t have to pay exorbitant subscription fees or spend weeks setting up your service. You can just get this Wireless Camera Surveillance Kit as long as it’s on sale.

This complete system comes with four IP cameras that you can install in any room or part of your home that you want to monitor. Each camera is IP66 waterproof so they’ll withstand the elements if you want to put them outdoors, but they’re also sleek and attractive if you prefer to have them indoors. They are easy to install and each camera has HD resolutions and three IR LEDs to support night vision for constant monitoring of your home.

Each camera connects to a central surveillance hub with a 1TB hard drive and 12-inch LCD monitor so you can keep tabs on what each camera sees throughout the day in your own privacy Security center. Moreover, you can also get remote access to preview videos, record videos, save videos, set up email alarms, etc. It is a complete security system that you can configure yourself and use to monitor your home throughout the day.

You don’t have to go broke for your home’s security or privacy. Right now, this Wireless Camera Surveillance Bundle is on sale for 6% off $499. at $466.95. It might seem like a steep price, but it’s a fraction of what you’d pay for other security subscriptions.

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