Sharing breakfast: Woman feeds giraffes from her hotel balcony, the internet loves it

Viral video: The animal kingdom is quite interesting and every day or the other crazy and funny videos of these wonderful creatures are going viral. More so, videos depicting the sweet bond between humans and animals are also popular with social media users. One such video has gone viral showing a woman feeding giraffes from a hotel balcony. The video is said to be from the Giraffe Manor hotel in Nairobi. In the video, a woman is seen sitting on the balcony of her hotel room and welcoming the three giraffes with food.Also read – Beat the heat: Delhi man grows entire garden on the roof of his autorickshaw and earns praise online | See viral photos and videos

A Twitter account called Buitengebieden, which posts heartwarming videos, shared the short clip and wrote, “Let’s share breakfast with the giraffes.”

Watch the video here:

The video went viral and people loved the sweet moment between the woman and the giraffes. Many said they would love to experience the same, while others shared similar experiences from their visit to Giraffe Manor.

One user wrote: “With so much distress in the world, your animal traits add a calmness to life.” Another commented: “Imagine waking up in the morning and stepping out onto your balcony with your coffee and finding these 3 people waiting for you to share breakfast.” A third wrote: ‘What an amazing way to wake up.

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