The Internet Still Wants Part 2 of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s Phone Video

Something fabulous and unprecedented happened in the year of grace 2010. No, it was not the legalization of same-sex marriage in several countries. It was Lady Gaga and by Beyoncé iconic, never-before-seen, visual feast of a “Telephone” music video.

Let me take you on a journey through music history.

It’s 2010. Lady Gaga’s seminal album Fame been out for two years and she’s getting ready to go out The Glory Monster. Beyoncé Is About To Make History At The Grammy Where She’s Going break the record for most awards won by a female artist.

But before all that, it was in March 2010. Before all that, there was the clip “Telephone”.

It lasts nine and a half minutes. Nearly half takes place unnecessarily in a women’s prison. Lady Gaga uses Coca-Cola cans as hair curlers. She’s going on a road trip with Beyoncé (who’s wearing black lipstick! She’s wearing a neon yellow cowboy hat!).

Beyoncé literally says to Lady Gaga: “You were a very bad girl”.

Watching this at 12 triggered something in my pre-pubescent gay brain.

But the most important is the final scene of the film. Specifically, a frame that reads “To be continued…”.

More than a decade later, the “Telephone” music video has no sequel. The pair never performed it together despite the song earning three VMA nominations and winning “Best Collaboration.”

Many have lost hope of ever seeing the second part of “Telephone”.

But I still have hope for one reason and one reason only: TikTok. Like many 2000s bangers, “Telephone” found a new home on TikTok.

Beyoncé’s rap has become a popular TikTok trend. Same Mary Fitzgerald from sell sunset entered in: go ahead hun.

@tommy_bracco Everyone knows who the real star of this video is (hint: it’s not me) #Telephone #Musical clip #gaga #beyond #DIYwithBlock ♬ phone electrolightz remix – JP 🔥
@themaryfitzgerald 💁🏼‍♀️📞 #Telephone #Lady Gaga #beyond #telephonechallenge #sellingsunset #netflix #call me ♬ phone electrolightz remix – JP 🔥
@paigefarrell_ Dancers do it better #dancers #Telephone #United ♬ phone electrolightz remix – JP 🔥
@mrteacherteacher Welcome to …. #teachertok. 🔥 #teachersoftiktok #Telephone #CorollaCrossStep #foryoupage #fyp #telephonechallenge #teachers #teacherlife ♬ phone electrolightz remix – JP 🔥

I’m officially asking the TikTok girls and the Twitter girls to team up and put on their neon yellow cowboy hats for this. It’s time to persuade Lady Gaga and Beyoncé to finish what they started.

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