This Internet Famous Cat Will Soon Be Mayor of Hell, Michigan

Jinx, a famous internet chat with nearly 735,000 subscribers on ICT Tac and 400,000 on instagram, will become the mayor of Hell, an unincorporated community in southwestern Michigan. Jinx will be elected mayor on Sunday, April 24, and will serve a one-day term. The 3-year-old cat and his owner, Mia, are California residents and MLive reports that Jinx will be sworn in by proclamation over the phone. by Jinx Biography Twitter, which says “future first cat president”, suggests that this is not the end of the cat’s political career. Let’s see if the clumsy feline can make sure all hell doesn’t break loose!

Cat Mayors — Jinx will be the first cat mayor of hell, but she won’t be the first cat mayor ever. A cat named Stubbs was elected mayor from Talkeetna, Alaska in 1997 as a write-in candidate. “Stubbs remains loyal to his community, often appearing in local businesses – albeit in unexpected ways,” wrote CNN. The cat would have liked to drink catnip-infused water from a wine glass. Other cats have been candidates: a cat named Tuxedo Stan ran for mayor of Halifax and even won a celebrity endorsements by Anderson Cooper. And a Maine Coon called Hank the cat ran against Tim Kaine and George Allen for the Virginia Senate seat in 2012, getting nearly 7,000 votes and coming in third place.

anyone can become mayor of hell for a day by submitting a online form and pay $100 (being mayor for just one hour is $25). Mayors receive the deed of a square inch of hell, a souvenir shirt and mug, certificates of proclamation to be mayor and to be impeached, and, in the words of“your name all over hell.”

After Mia I found Jinx in a field in 2018, she took in the kitten and began sharing photos online. Mia said that despite the birth defects that cause the cat’s massive eyes and feet, the vet says he is healthy. Say hello to Mayor Jinx!