This man with different abilities who runs a noodle cart left the internet in awe

A heartwarming video making the rounds on social media shows a man with different abilities driving a chowmein cart. The viral clip continues to prove that anything can be achieved as long as you’re determined to give it your all. The man in the video is seen making noodles with his untrained hands. He mostly takes help from his right hand which is in better shape than his left.

But the dedication with which the man was seen doing the chowmein in the undated video definitely struck a chord with social media users. The clip was shared by a Rahul Mishra via his verified Twitter account and has been viewed nearly 1.4 lakh times. Engagement on the video shows over 8,200 likes and over 3,600 retweets.

The specially disabled man, thanks to his attitude of never saying, managed to bring evocative answers from Internet users.

A user ranked this man above people claiming to be a responsible citizen on social media. “He is a responsible citizen of the country, not of those [‘who] bragging that I am a citizen and proud to be a citizen of this country on social media,” the tweet read.

A second user praised the man for his honesty and dedication saying, “I really appreciate such a [a] a strong person… live life with honesty and hard work.

Another user described the man’s situation as “survival of the fittest”.

One user asked the person who posted the video of the man to share the location so locals can support him, while another called for government help.

Meanwhile, Ananda Mahindra had shared a video last year of a man with different abilities, hands amputated, driving a modified vehicle. The man had converted his vehicle into a cart shape with a scooty motor and later got a job at Mahindra’s electric vehicle charging yard in Delhi.

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