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March 30: Needless to mention that email remains the important communication tool between B2B and B2C, far surpassing phone calls, messaging, online portals and forums. With website hosting and data storage gradually moving to the cloud, email hosting is set to be the next big adopter. Due to business decisions to move emails to the cloud, Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited has made it easy by becoming one of the fastest and most secure cloud business email hosting services in India with a growing list of benefits and a seamless process to keep you organized, communicate easily and run your business smoothly.

Migrating your emails to the cloud is a seamless process and the majority of the work is handled by Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited where the speed and security of Tizzy Mail, which costs just Rs. 100 per user per year for 5gb mailbox is experienced by thousands of its satisfied email users with many years of tried and tested experience being the best testimonial. Indeed, with a professional email, customers recognize that the company is trustworthy, which is the first step to running a successful business with protection against malware and spammers. Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited and its professional email hosting services prevent your emails from being rejected and entering spam folders, so you can enjoy interacting with your customers via email and continue to take advantage of the benefits.

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Tizzy Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd offers many benefits to users for using cloud based business email hosting. One of the main benefits is the reduction in operational costs associated with maintaining and managing an on-premises messaging system. It also includes multi-layer security, encrypted data storage, email send/receive or sync speed is much faster, up to 50GB mail storage capacity, up to 50MB number of attachments allowed, a 30-day backup and restore feature, ZERO DNS errors/warnings, easy setup on any email app on desktop or mobile, and fast IMAP mail sync speeds even for 25 GB + mailbox. With an easy to use archiving system where all email hosting can be easily stored, managed and located, Tizzy Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd provides the tools to store and retrieve all email traffic.

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Tizzy Mail’s long and proven track record sets them apart from the crowd.

Lowest price in the history of cloud email hosting industry, Tizzy Mail comes at just Rs. 100/user/year for a 5GB mailbox.

Quick service activation, configuration and easy migration of emails from the old server.

There were virtually no complaints and no technical support was needed.

White label solution for IT companies to offer Tizzy Mail as a service to their customers.

With a team of enthusiastic technicians specializing in cloud computing services, Tizzy Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd came into being with a mission to educate more than just sell services which helped them stand out with a customer retention rate of almost 94%. Hundreds of businesses are served by this robust enterprise platform and thousands of email users send and receive emails every second. In fact, with the passage of time and the advancement of technologies in the era of digital transformation and advanced technologies, doing business has become easier and more advanced. Hence, it improves skills through innovation and adopts technologies that result in scalable business growth.

It’s easy to see why more and more companies are migrating their email to the cloud. By moving to the cloud, you can simply eliminate email issues and start receiving hassle-free emails. With the top-notch and amazing services of Tizzy Cloud Computing Pvt Ltd, you can have your emails hosted in the cloud in no time, with no complicated hardware or software to configure.

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