Tourists drive SUV across pristine Pangong Lake in Ladakh, shocking clip Angers Internet

The video has been viewed over 7,00,000 times on Twitter and has angered many. (Credits: Via Jigmat Ladakhi on Twitter)

A video of tourists driving an SUV across Lake Pangong in Ladakh recently shocked the internet. The user who shared it claimed it could go back to last year.

Tourists driving an SUV across pristine Pangong Lake in Ladakh in a viral video left the internet shocked and angry. The video could date back to last year, as stated by Jigmat Ladakhi, the Twitter user who shared it on the microblogging platform. “I share another shameful video again. These irresponsible tourists are killing Ladakh. Do you know? Ladakh has more than 350 species of birds and lakes like the pangong are home to many species of birds. Such an act may have endangered the habitat of many bird species [sic]Ladakhi wrote in his caption. The video has been viewed over 7,00,000 times on Twitter and has angered many. “Shocking behavior and hooliganism shown in Ladakh by some tourists. trying to preserve and protect Pangong Lake which is ecologically so sensitive. And that’s what people do!” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, Kashmir is also attracting record tourists after the easing of pandemic restrictions and some improvement in the security situation, bolstering local businesses. Tourist arrivals are expected to hit a decade high this year after more than 340,000 tourists have come since January, local tour operators and government officials said, despite restrictions on foreign tourists.

“We are witnessing the highest number of tourist arrivals in Kashmir this year with 0.18 million tourists arriving in March alone,” Sarmad Hafeez, tourism secretary for Jammu and Kashmir, told Reuters, adding that the April arrivals could exceed March.

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