Voice services

Vodafone NZ activates enhanced voice services on compatible devices

Vodafone NZ has announced that it has achieved another New Zealand first, enabling Enhanced Voice Services (EVS, also known as HD+ Calling) on ​​our VoLTE and VoWiFi network for select Samsung and OPPO users.

Benefits of EVS include improved voice quality, better call resilience under less than ideal network conditions (such as freak weather events), and improved network capacity. Additionally, as part of our ongoing upgrades, VoLTE call connections on devices will now take less than two seconds on average to connect, which to a customer can feel like an almost instant connection.

After significant investment in Vodafone’s network over the past few years, umlaut has officially announced that Vodafone has the best network in New Zealand, outperforming both Spark and 2 Degrees. In extensive driving tests of around 6,700 kilometers across New Zealand, Vodafone scored 240/300, while Spark and 2 Degrees each scored 201/300.

Tony Baird, Chief Technology Officer of Vodafone NZ
Vodafone scoring another New Zealand first in the network space is so exciting as we continue to prove our focus on the customer by bringing them continuous upgrades, builds and new technology. We’re also excited that our customers can enjoy the benefits of crisp, reliable calls. With EVS, VoLTE & Wifi Calling live, we enable better and more reliable voice calls for so many customers. Many more devices will become EVS compatible in the coming months as Vodafone continues to be ahead of the curve for New Zealanders who want the latest mobile technology.