WWE pulls more Sasha Banks and Naomi content from the internet

The repercussions of Sasha Banks and Naomi’s exit from WWE’s “Raw” during the show continue.

After removing all Boss and Glow Connection merchandise from the WWE Shop, the company has now deleted each Superstar’s Facebook pages. When trying to find them with the Facebook search bar, the official accounts for each woman cannot be found.

A Twitter user also pointed out that the “Then. Now. For all time.” chart who plays before every WWE show was slightly edited to remove Banks and Naomi. The chart is moving at a rapid pace, but where Banks was once featured, Cody Rhodes is now displayed. Additionally, where Naomi once featured, WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey has taken her place.

Banks and Naomi’s profiles are still posted as of this writing, but we’ll let you know if anything changes in that regard.

Curiously, PWInsider notes that WWE was still selling Boss and Glow Connection t-shirts and Banks’ sunglasses at the merchandise booth during last night’s “SmackDown.” The show, which was set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, featured a segment that touched on the future of the women’s tag team titles following the exits of Banks and Naomi. A tournament will be held in the coming weeks to determine who can claim the vacant women’s titles.

Sasha Banks and Naomi have been quiet since news broke of their abrupt exit from WWE “Raw.” ‘The Boss’ was spotted at a Steve Aoki concert last night, having fun and flexing for a fan who also attended the show.

A former WWE writer reported that both women had a limited time on their WWE contracts, and Naomi was in the process of negotiating a new deal when this incident happened. Banks’ contract status is currently unknown, but she revealed in 2019 that she had recently signed a contract extension.

Stay tuned for more developments on Banks and Naomi’s story.

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